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Central byggs om tåg, buss och bil påverkas (Swedish). 9 In 1874 the town improved the plans for its structure after it became a government requirement. Umeå University Archived t the Wayback Machine. The name of the town would therefore mean " The Roaring River. Umeå Municipality and the capital of, västerbotten County. Umeå is about 600 km (373 mi) north of Stockholm and about 400 km (249 mi) south of the Arctic Circle. 4 Contents History edit The first written mention of Umeå is from the 14th century.

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Geography edit View of the Ume River by its estuary Umeå Umeå is situated on the inlet of the Gulf of Bothnia at the mouth of the Ume River, in the south of Västerbotten. Sightseeing in Umeå (Sweden). 8 In 1638, it had about 40 houses. Schedules, address, opening times and lockers. A new railway station, Umeå East Station, was built in connection to Norrland's University Hospital and Umeå University. What you have to visit at your stay in Umeå. Björklöven are currently playing in the Swedish second-tier league HockeyAllsvenskan while Umeå IK plays in the top Swedish women's football league Damallsvenskan. From music clubs to discotheques. 2, when the university was established in 1965, min lundin growth sped up, and the amount of housing has doubled in the last 30 years. Economy edit Key research fields of the University are life sciences (especially medical and cell and the molecular biology of plants human technology interaction, social welfare, ecology and gender perspectives.

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