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one of the public trains takes about 40 minutes and cost around 11 for a round trip while bus tickets are slightly more expensive and run less frequently, taking about 90 minutes to complete the trip. Buses run between the cities of Stockholm and Uppsala, but there are fewer departures than the train connection. The travelcards come in 24 hour and 72 hours and will be sold as follows: 1 Day, stockholm, pass: 24 hour travelcard 2 Day, stockholm, pass: 72 hour hour travelcards 3 Day, stockholm, pass: 72 hour travelcard 5 Day, stockholm, pass: 2x 72 hour travelcards. Tickets for your journey with. Better to buy in advance, it is always cheaper to buy prepaid tickets and the longer the period of validity of the ticket, the cheaper it will. SEK 805, uL Urban area sEK 375, uL SL, sEK 1,600, uL XT county, sEK 1,580, uL XT gävle city.

The Travelcard includes unlimited travel for 24 hours or 72 hours. If you travel frequently the cheapest option is a period ticket. Trams, buses, boats, commuter Train, download the travel map here, how do you activate the Travelcard? Using the travelcard will not activate your. SEK 1,140, uL off-peak, sEK 505, uL off-peak arlanda supplement.

Uppsala, Knivsta and Arlanda. If you are under the age of 18 you don't have to pay the passage fee at all.

Off-peak ticket is valid on weekdays before.00, between.00 and.00 and after.00. Its about 63 kilometers (39 miles) between the two, and at 90 minutes, its the slowest option and somewhat higher priced than the train; a round-trip ticket costs about SEK 138 (16). There are single use travelcards with tickets valid 75 minutes, 24 or 72 hours. There are tickets and travelcards for short and longer periods of time. No need to carry spare change for daily tickets. SEK 1,090 * Urban area tickets are available for journeys within Enköping, Bålsta, Knivsta/Alsike, Östhammar, Tierp and Skutskär. When traveling to Uppsala by bus or train, you hemnet Villa lund will most likely arrive into Uppsala Central Station, a newly remodeled central hub featuring shops, restaurants, and stores for both the local and national train services. However, since Uppsala is the fourth-largest city in Sweden and a college town, there are plenty of hotels to choose from thereif you book far enough in advance, especially during the busy tourist seasons. If you have a valid travelcard (SL ticket) you just pay the passage supplement fee, SEK 120. The validity of UL applies for journeys by city buses, regional buses, the Upptåget train and SL commuter trains up to Arlanda. There is a fee for passing to and from Arlanda Airport with the commuter train. Alternatively, you can also rent a car to drive the 44 miles between the two cities, which takes about 50 minutes with light traffic, but there are no available flights between these two destinations.

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