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it may sound, companies are concerned about the lack of clarity around the meaning of waste. Hazardous waste was excluded to avoid promotion of reusing of unwanted substances and the others were considered to be less important for this study. The companies needed input and support to develop their own ideas, which was partly realized by the opportunity to network and make new contacts. Please try again later. In this approach, waste is a resource, although we may not yet be aware of all its uses.2, 3 Thus, waste management and initiatives for resource recovery are important drivers in the circular economy.

The project team helped to educate the participants by presenting statistical data. Acknowledgments We want kerstin Lundberg Hahn Ofcom masker to thank the Kamprad Family Foundation, all participating industries and companies, Ann-Christine Bayard as a member of the project team, Annika Gerner for statistical work. Sustainable Sweden Southeast is a business network in Southeast Sweden aimed at promoting environmentally driven business as well as exports of energy and environmental technology. The objectives of the project were to disseminate knowledge and conduct matchmaking, creating industrial symbiosis between companies in order to find ways in which waste could be used as a resource. A statistical analysis showing how waste was generated and treated was complemented by an action research strategy involving participants in the research process.14, 15 Such an eclectic research strategy has the advantage of gaining direct input on, and validation of, the results of the research. The project excluded the following waste types from the analysis:.2 Industrial effluent sludges,.3 Sludges and liquid wastes from waste treatment,.3 Animal faeces, urine and manure, 11 Common sludges,.6 Soils and.7 Dredging spoils. Produktioner lægges sammen, der centraliseres, og mængderne af reststrømmen bliver således ofte meget store. Educate: Building Knowledge on How Waste Can Be Sorted. Tillid, hos vores kunder er tillid helt centralt. Statistics Sweden is the countrys statistical agency, producing statistics in all fields, including waste. In larger companies and industries, it is even more important for those in leading positions to take the initiative, as the organizations may be too rigid for changes to occur on other levels. Education is crucial to understand the absurdity of incinerating valuable mixed waste.