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USA, massachusetts, medal, 1925 soldier standing R, "whalorious morning FOR america" lexington birthplace OF american liberty april 19TH / TH anniversary OF battle OF lexington april 19, 1925,.925 silver, 31mm,.5g, by Whitehead Hoag, AU-Unc. good FOR ONE fare, cutouts form "G zinc, 16mm, A320F. 10 cents silver, copper-nickel, 18mm,.29g, thick letters,. good FOR 25 IN merchandise., aluminum, 30mm,. USA, ohio, transit token, ND (1920) CTC, community traction. BOX 190 dover,.H. 1927, studentbostäder uppsala norrlands 7 over 5 / good FOR ONE fare, cutouts form "K copper-nickel, 19mm, A430La.

Vietnam, US military, QUI nhon mess association 5, S in diamond / same, brass, 21mm, C-VN4140a cleaned. USA, north carolina, transit token, ND (1951) bus R, wilson transit. USA, unknown location, military, 10, outlined numerals / same, brass, 18mm, C-nl, Curto-SC237-10 corroded,. USA, oklahoma, military, 1969 bust of Indian soldier R, fort sill centennial / crossed cannon over cannon, good IN trade only.00 AT NCO open mess, aluminum, 35mm, C-nl (OK280v) edge nick,. USA, advertising, purity body flavor / same, 3-ring shape, aluminum, Ballentine beer advertising things, 1960s?). Russia, novosibirsk, transit token, ND (1993) logo above H HBA / logo above M, NBA, copper plated steel, 24mm, K542 AU-Unc.

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employees only, cutouts form "M copper-nickel, 16mm, San Juan, S640E. USA, ohio, transit token, sidney street transit, INC. apron on which S T, tools L R, sun lower R, ONE penny above, bronze, 32mm,. Texas / good FOR 50 IN merchandise, octagonal, brass, 31mm, C-TX459. USA, NEW york, transit token, ND (1929) FJ G, fonda-johnstown gloversville.R.R. USA, ohio, transit token, ND (1948) bus R, canton city lines, INC. USA, transits, VG/ 100 mixed,. USA, iowa, transit token, ND (1954) C, city transit INC. USA, california, transit token, ND (1936) vallejo BUS. apron, ONE penny, childs chicago, bronze, 30mm, bits of green, possibly removable,. USA, florida, transit token, ND (1942) metropolitan transit company / good FOR 10 IN trade, cutouts form "M bronze, 23mm, North Miami, A610A.

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