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Before joining academia, he had worked as business associate, web project manager, assistant director, and senior web developer in China and USA. 8, Issue 12, Article 35, 2007, with Bruce. As an editorial hookah lounge göteborg board member for several peer-reviewed journals, he is on the Program Committees for ieee International Conference on Intelligence Security Informatics Pacific Asia Workshop on ISI, Conference of the Global Institute of Flexible Systems Management, and irma. He also sits on the editorial board of academic journals including Journal of Computer Information Systems, Journal of Cases on Information Technology, Journal of Business Disciplines, International Journal of Information Technology Project Management, International Journal of E-finance, and International Journal of E-Services and Mobile Applications. 710-724, 2007, with Bruce. 42-52, with John. Templeton " Awareness Education as the Key to Ransomware Prevention, Information Systems Security, Vol.16, Issue 4,. Toward a Holistic Understanding of Continued Use of Social Networking Tourism: A Mixed-Method Approach, Information Management, with Aaron French and Ranjit Bose, Vol. 165-176, 2009, with Jie Zhang, Somasheker Akkaladevi, and Jennifer Ziegelmayer " Workplace Monitoring and Employee Misuse Avoidance: Does Punishment Matter? He prefers to employ techniques such as structural equation modeling and factor analysis.

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Security mechanism control) Green IT/Cloud Computing Readiness for Organizations Anti online crime IS individual-level or organization-level security citizen behavior Malicious hacker social groups and networks Monitoring and Employee Behavioral Change Cross-cultural Fraud Password Management and Analysis Security Awareness and Privacy Concerns in S-commerce Mobile Banking. File information, file name fulltext01.pdfFile size 1633 kBChecksum. 1, Issue 3,. He is currently designing another security class with emphasis on cybercrime digital forensics analysis and control and hope to offer it in the near future. 52, Issue 3,. Luo has served as reviewer/referee for numerous academic journals, books, and conference proceedings including: MIS Quarterly Information Systems Research Decision Sciences Decision Support Systems Electronic Commerce Research Electronic Commerce Research Applications European Journal of Information Systems Information Systems Journal Information Management International Journal of Electonic. Luo likes conducting collaborative and interdisciplinary research covering information systems, marketing, management, psychology, sociology, and criminology, etc. 655-664, 2012, with Gary Templeton, Tomas Giberson, and Natalie Campbell " The Domain Name System Past, Present, and Future Communications of the AIS, with Michael Pope, Merrill Warkentin, and Leigh.

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16, Issue 3,. 42 48, May June 2006 " A Framework for Spyware Assessment Communications of the AC M, Vol. 195 202, July August 2007, with Qinyu Liao " Author Affiliation Index: Response to Ferratt., Communications of the Associations for Information Systems, invited paper, Vol. He designed a special topic course, Information Systems Security Management, which is tailored for CIS/MIS senior/graduate students at VSU. 222-234, 2010, with.P. Raja " A Scientometric Investigation into the Quality of IS Journal Quality Measures Journal of the Association for Information Systems, Vol. 24, Issue, 6, pp 479-502, 2014, with Han Li, Rathindra Sarathy, and Jie Zhang " The Impact of xbrl Adoption.R.

Lewis and Gary. SHA-512 type fulltextMimetype application/pdf. 139-155, 2011, with Han Li, Ashish Gupta, and Merrill Warkentin " The Personalization Privacy Paradox: An Exploratory Study of Decision Making Process for Location-Aware Marketing, Decision Support Systems, V51, Issue 1, 2011,. 4, Issue 1, 2008, with Anil Gurung and. Luo has served on editorial capacity for several leading journals and conferences in the world. Courses taught at The University of New Mexico International Residency (emba) Information Systems Security (MIS major concentration) Web Development Application (graduate-level elective) Web Scripting Language Development (graduate-level elective) Management of Information Systems (graduate-level elective) Computer-Based Information Systems (MIS core) Business Programming (MIS elective) Courses taught. Shim, and his dissertation title is "An Empirical Investigation of Users Trust and Trying toward Mobile Banking Adoption in Cross-cultural Settings: An Analysis.S. 54, 2017, with Han Li, Heng Xu, and Jie Zhang.

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