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University. In Sweden, nations exist only in Uppsala and Lund. 17th century: Expansion edit The medieval university had mainly been a school for theology. Since it was founded in 1477, UU has attracted some of the worlds very best minds and eight academics affiliated with the University have been awarded the prestigious Nobel Prize. The Uppsala Student Union was founded in 1849 as a corporation representing all students except those attending the faculty of Pharmacy, irrespective of nation. The turbulent period of the reformation of King Gustavus Vasa resulted in a drop in the already relatively insignificant number of students in Uppsala, which was seen as a center of Catholicism and of potential disloyalty to the Crown. Svanberg even arranged a mock graduation ceremony, a simpromotion, in parody of the university ceremonies, where those who had graduated from its swimming training were awarded "degrees" of master ( magister ) and bachelor ( kandidat ). This was used for 400 years until the great fire of 1702 which destroyed large parts of central Uppsala. The exercitiae edit The Exercise Yard. .

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The building, designed by Swedish modernist architect Peter Celsing, was completed in 1976, and housed departments for languages, humanities, and social sciences. Almqvist Wiksell International (1976) "Forum for South Asia Studies". In the mid-18th century, there were plans to move it back to the Academia Carolina or a new building on the same spot. 17 Athletics edit Sports play a very small role in the life of the university, compared to British and especially.S. Several companies have been started as a result of research at UU over the years. The archbishopric of Uppsala had been one of the most important sees in Sweden proper since Christianity first spread to this region in the ninth century. University of Uppsala Botanical Garden University Park and Cathedral area Gustavianum The Old Consistory building The University Hall The Ekerman House The Dean's House (or Julinsköld Palace) Skytteanum The Oxenstierna House (Juridicum Faculty of Law) Regnellianum Carolina Rediviva West of Central Uppsala English Park Campus . A number of other choirs and orchestras are affiliated with the nations. There is some evidence of academic studies in Uppsala during the 16th century; the Faculty of Theology is mentioned in a document from 1526, King Eric XIV appointed Laurentius Petri Gothus (later archbishop) rector of the university in 1566, and his successor and brother John III helsingborgs bästa grundskolor appointed. The Svedberg Laboratory main page.

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