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hold the patch will never come in contact with your bore or crown after complete insertion into the bore. The downside to jags is that because they more evenly distribute the patch, they are more sensitive to patch width and thickness. . FÖLJ MIG ÄVEN PÅ, facebook: Instagram: m/Yumihiime, blogg: Tomu'skanal /1EPwJxm. When placing a jag order, please let us know which tip you prefer along with the other pertinent information including the rod ferrule diameter and thread preference. Så idag så ska jag visa er omkring i vår lilla men också väldigt fina lägenhet. If you should by accident push my jags clear of the muzzle this taper allows you to gently pull the jag back in over the crown. Therefore, you can see if patch material tries to occupy this space you may not be able to get the patch and jag combination down the bore. Best lund sushi Answer: Bore jags are rifle barrel cleaning devices which are attached to the end of a cleaning rod used for cleaning the barrel of a rifle.

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Hur gammal är du? The reverse taper jags work equally well with either the 2" round arsenal patch or up to a 2 1/2" square cotton patch. This is an option that will allow patches to clear muzzle brakes, tuners, etc. The jags are designed to be used with round patches. These are custom made to various lengths depending on the length of the device that the patch has to clear. The bore jag presses the cleaning cloth tighter against the sides of the barrel than a standard patch guide would.

 Customers that order extra long jags to accommodate muzzle brakes, tuners, etc. After the patch clears the muzzle, the long bore riding shoulder should allow you plenty of time to stop, thereby not allowing the joint between the rod and jag to come in contact with the bore and crown area.

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