malmö havet temperatur

sea temperatures in Malmö. Heavy rain (total 24mm heaviest during Thu morning. Issued: 12 am Sun local time.

Malmö (Skåne County, Sweden) forecast issued: 12 am Sun local time. The average winter temperatures also vary greatly between different areas, in fact they are around 0 C (32 F) in January and February in the far south, around -1.5 C (29 F) in Stockholm, -10 C (14 F) in the north-central part, and -15.

Malmö havet temperatur
malmö havet temperatur

Malmo (Malmoe) sea surface temperature today. Ostersund - Average temperatures Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Min (C) Max (C) Min (F) Max (F) In Östersund, precipitation amounts to 525 mm (20.5 inches) per year, with a maximum in July and August. On milder periods, in which the westerlies blow, snow melts in a broader area, which often includes Stockholm, while the North remains permanently covered with snow. For more information on surf forecasts for the next four days, please visit sea state forecast Malmo 0-3.08.26 ft 3-6.07.23 ft 6-9.06.2 ft 9-12.05.16 ft 12-15.05. For more information and forecast for a few days, go to the weather forecast Malmo 0-3 h 1C 34F 3-6 h 4C 39F 6-9 h 3C 37F 9-12 h 3C 37F 12-15 h 3C 37F 15-18 h 3C 37F 18-21 h 3C 37F 21-0. By mid-August, both the increase in rainfall and the decrease in temperature show how soon the summer tends to decline at these latitudes. Here in winter, in the worst moments, the temperature can drop to -40 C (-40 F). In summer: spring/autumn clothes, being ready to add or remove the outer layer, a T-shirt, but also long pants, a jacket, a sweatshirt or sweater; a raincoat or umbrella.

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