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eight years have passed, Andy was 16 and put in a military academy. Unfortunately, he had accidentally woken Shelton up, who slammed him against the wall. However, before he finishes, Andy reaches them on the top of a skull mountain. This article's content is marked.

Andy is celebrating his 6th birthday, and really wants a Good Guy doll for his present.
Andrew William Andy Barclay is the main protagonist of the first three films in the Child s Play series, the main tritagonist of Curse of Chucky and the main.
Andrew William Andy Barclay is the main protagonist in Child s Play, Child.
Play 2, and Child s Play.
He was portrayed by Alex Vincent in the first two films.

Grace blames Kyle, who is being held at knifepoint by Chucky, and pulls her and Andy back to her office. After leaving the haunted house, Andy visits Kristen, who is being treated by medics. Andy is left alone, covered in blood and holding a gun, as the other Chuckys go to their doll forms, and the floors are littered with dead bodies. When it was Andy's bedtime, he takes. During recess, Chucky enters the classroom and finds Andy's test paper, and writes obscenities. Karen takes the doll back home to him, and he is very overjoyed to have a new best friend. The only thing he wants for his birthday is a Good Guy doll, a doll of a new toy line that says three phrases and will be your "friend 'till the end." Unfortunately, it costs 100 something that Karen cannot afford with her current job. He is in an orphanage while Karen is under special care for supporting his story about Chucky. Chucky asks for a hit and Andy obliges, putting the joint to Chucky's lips. Andy Barclay, known aliases, andy, known relatives, karen Barclay (mother.

Andy is the main protagonist in the first three Child s Play movies, he also appeared in every issue of the comics based on the three films. Andy Barclay : disturbed to find out that Chucky s still alive No, you re dead. Chucky : You know what they say. You just can t keep a Good Guy. Om du blir uppringd av någon som uppger sig vara från Elgiganten och som.