han bor på engelska

införlivat sina erfarenheter från platsen i betänkandet. More_vert I understand his reasons since, like me, he lives in Budapest, where nothing has been done in recent years to improve the quality of the environment. EurLex-2 en shall mean the competent authority of the Contracting Party in whose territory the person suspected of having committed a road traffic offence or upon whom a financial penalty has been imposed in respect thereof either resides or has his habitual residence.

JW_2017_12 en (Jeremiah 17:10) Jehovah can accurately read a persons heart. More_vert, when a sex offender is released the police are informed of his place of residence. OpenSubtitles2018.v3 en He still owns the place, and I heard that he's moved into the apartment upstairs. More_vert I want to ask the Commissioner, who claimed we support his proposal, whether he lives on another planet, because we do not in fact support his proposal. SwedishJag vet var han bor. Hon bor sie lebt Vad heter du? SwedishJag vill fråga kommissionsledamoten, som hävdade att vi stöder hans förslag, om han bor på en annan planet, för vi stöder faktiskt inte alls hans förslag.