villa moelven lundberg

Add to that the support team at essve and everything else suddenly seems amateurish. The composition draws on an aesthetic somewhere between collage and a more austere expression. Commissioned as a collaboration between its clients - a young family with two children - and the Scandinavian wood manufacturers Moelven, the scheme was conceived as a private home, but also acts as a showcase and showroom for the sponsors involved in its construction. The lighting concept for Villa Moelven was done by Flux, a partner company of prolicht, who has produced the majority of the used luminaires.

Advokatfirman lundberg och gleiss
Peter lundberg umeå

The project is a homage to the raw material wood and was built in yoga umeå iksu a traditional way of timber construction. The architects fully embraced complexity and created a journey through the house, laying out its three bedrooms, living room, kitchen and bathrooms across three levels. This brand new house by Stockholm based architects Widjedal Racki is located on the beachfront, in the Swedish capital's outskirts, and was born out of an unusual arrangement. 'The client's program was far too large for the site and there were many restrictions on floors levels and total heights.'. Everything is visible in the entire house, requiring the nail guns to perform extremely well. . Norways largest wood producer wanted to create a showroom in the form of an architect-designed non-prefabricated wooden house, Villa Moelven. They were very happy about how our container concept supplied the carpenters with a customized and always fully stocked selection of supplies and tools on site. Surface mounted and suspended luminaires in black with golden-yellow insides are dominating.